Complex electro solution


Assembly and service:

EPS = electronic fire alarm

= certified systems

- made by German manufacturer - JOB detectomat

- fast and correct identification of fires

- NO false warning

- can be installed on buildings

Current offer:

- autonomous detectors

- detectors to the systems EZS

- addressable fire detectors

- sirens, beacons, certified fire cables, etc.

Installation of LED lighting

MaR (measurement and control)

EVS (elektronic input systems)  a access systems

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Camera systems,IP cameras a CCTV

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Intelligent households KNX

Structured systems of cablas

- certified firm for the installation and repairs of structured systems of cables

Metalic wiring

- optic cables - SM a MM


= certified firm for the wiring and service of switchboards into another firms:



- switchboards for small and medium objects

- up to 32 zones and 2 subsystems

- switchboard SPECTRA - wire

- switchboard MAGELLAN - wireless

- unified programming, wiring, keyboards and modules - this is an advantage for installers

- communication is also possible via IP (internet) or GSM (mobile)


- switchboard for large and widespread objects

- up to 192 zones and 8 subsystems

- bus system - high degree of variability during creating the topology of objects

- DIGIPLEX EVO contains 4 wires - high immunity to interference

- it allows long branches from the base - great for large objects

- application: classic wired zones (connected via expanders), BUS detectors, wireless detectors

- control: keyboard, wireless keychain, readers (cards, fingerprints)

- second function: permission or restriction of entrance to the building

- communication is also possible via IP (internet) or GSM (mobile)


System GALAXY Dimension

- large switchboard - for projects and integration

- security of objects - to 32 subsystems and to 520 zones


System DSC Power

System DSC Power Neo

System DSC Alexor

System DSC Maxsys


Wiring to 1000V

- revitalization of original wires (low voltage) - in the block of flats

= exchange: from Al to Cu

- repair, montage and exchange of sockets, switches, circuit breakers and current protectors

- basic service of electrical equipment

- modifying the distribution system

- professional consultations

- wiring of lightning conductor (protection against flash)

Repairs and maintenance of wiring

- repair, montage and exchange of sockets, switches, circuit breakers and current protectors

Repairs of lights

Emergency service and electroservice

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